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Album 4 - Track 12

Wednesday, May 9, 2018 - Sacramento, CA

Drop the needle,

It has been a rough few days. It's been 5 days since he hurt me. It's been 5 days since my world came down on me. He was entertaining an emotional relationship with someone else. The only way that I found out was because she told me. I was so angry and hurt that I couldn't see where we were headed. The only thing I wanted to do after everything was said and done wat to hold him and tell him I love him. I understand the reasons he explained to me, I just don't agree with how he went about it. In my hurt but also understanding, I forgave him. God must be working a on a new thing with me because the old me would've given up and moved on. Even though I'm still hurting, I can still see the good in him. I'm far from being ok to trust him with my heart, but time and most of all God, is great healer. He is now working on getting back to my heart and showing me that I am more than enough for him. I just pray for peace in my hear and mind for now.

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