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Album 4 - Track 2

Thursday, February 1, 2018 - California

Drop the needle,

I'm slowly learning to enjoy my time as a single person. I have made connections with people that I might not have done at all while in a relationship. As of late, I've been all about having a good time and enjoying each moment as they come. With that, I have someone interested in more. I have time to think about it since he lives in Texas and will get here sometime in May. We like each other, but is taking it very slow, which I can appreciate.

My health is another story though. Lately, my appetite has been changing drastically. I have gone from eating healthy to not eating at all. I threw up at boot camp yesterday and have been feeling nauseated ever since then. I'm still a virgin so no pregnancy scares, but as of late, I have been a little bit out there.

Maybe I'm just a bit anxious about my backgrounds. I pray that I get to the next stage in the this process.

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