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Monday, May 28, 2018 - Sacramento, CA

Drop the needle,

He's been here for a little over a week and we are making it work. Time is very sensitive due to the fact that I have work and so does he, but we are making it work. We spent memorial day weekend together and that was fun.

There is no guarantee that he will be an STL but I wish he was. It may seem selfish but I want him to myself for as long as I can have him. Not to mention that I finally feel ok with the sex aspect. it's been different trying at 23 and I feel like I am less than a woman for not going through this experience without any sort of guidance. I'm being careful and buying condoms but it's still pretty new.

The police department is moving fast these days. They've called my friends and references and checked on my neighbors. My investigator is really trying to get me into the July academy and I'm trying to answer any last minute questions. I'm working out and eating right and even running more. I have to make it, failure is not an option.

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