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Album 7 - Track 3

Friday, February 19, 2021 - Atlanta, GA

Drop the needle,

I'm finding myself a bit numb. The idea that working as hard as I do for the life that I want, is as numb as novacane. I sit here, awake at 2am wondering if the path that I chose was the right one. When covid hit, I worried so much about what legacy I would leave behind. If my time ended tomorrow, what would my stamp be on this world?

Then I began to remind myself of the love I've given, but not received. The care I've put into details that didn't seem to matter. The time I sacrificed, that I will never get back. Oddly enough, there is a small sense of satisfaction. But I worry that my true desires will cost me more than they're worth.

It's a bit confusing but even if it rains every day, rain brings growth right?

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