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Wednesday, November 16, 2016 - Oregon

Start the needle,

Today was a long day in Oregon. I sat through a long meeting this morning and tried to plan out a few things for the team. By this time, I have been in the AmeriCorps program for about 2 months. The mental and physical responsibility for 12 18 to 24 year old people is a bit overwhelming. Tiffany and Michelle went to a doctors appointment so I wasn't able to do my paperwork for HQ but it gave me a chance to work on some other things.

I've submitted my application in for the promotion and position back at HQ in Sacramento. I really would love the opportunity to be an STL this year. It would mean that I would have to leave my team which won't be easy but, I believe I can make it work.

The work here in Oregon has been going good and it looks like its going to snow tonight. To be honest, I'm looking forward to that. I met a guy out here who works at the office. He asked me out on a date and is really open about what he wants and who he is. There is nothing wrong with getting to know people and making connections.

I think for today, I can breathe.

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