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Album 6 - Track 1

Saturday, March 14, 2020 - Sacramento, CA

Drop the needle,

It's been a somewhat difficult few months. The job is still a job. Not exactly what I would like to be doing, but it pays the bills. I finally found a dance studio that teaches salsa but due to this CoronaVirus that is going around, everyone is staying clear of unnecessary contact.

We are doing fine. I ended up getting the flu from a coworker and he and I have been dealing with that for 2 weeks. I tried the Smile Direct Club liners and it made me develop an infection from having an allergic reaction. We spent our anniversary in quarantine so I guess we will celebrate eventually.

I've been a bit home sick lately. I miss my family and being around them. I used all of my sick and vacation leave due to being sick so I won't seen them for a while. It makes money tight here with us both out sick.

I guess everything is just, OK. I do want to do more with him. It seems like the only desires he has lately are just sex and staying at home. I don't just want to go out on date night but that has been an improvement. I want to feel a bit more loved. Not in the physical sense, but I want to feel like I mean more. I love him and can see a beautiful future, but I'm afraid that I don't know where we go next. One year is a great milestone, but I don't think he see's it as important.


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