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Album 6 - Track 6

Friday, September 18, 2020 - Atlanta, GA

Drop the needle,

Every year that goes by, I find myself feeling more and more guilty. I feel like I'm losing your memories. I barely remember happy times which makes me angry. We spent so much time apart and I never felt that we were as close as we could've been. I thought that I had more time. And then it was gone and all that's left behind is chaos. You left me here to be the reflection of what you wished that you saw Bro.

I hate that I didn't know you and that I won't get the chance to try. I think the guilt hurts more now because every year that passes by, your legacies grow older. A constant reminder of your absence that I don't know how to face.

I'm grieving over a stranger. As close as the photos seem, I'm standing next to a stranger. Painted memories of us against the world fade each day and I don't do anything to stop it. Am I horrible for not wanting to remember to not remember? You're not here to deal with what you've left behind, I am.

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