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Ode to 2020

Drop the needle,

This year has been, to say the least, the most trying year. The worst pandemic of my generation and yet there is still the scent of hatred, bigotry, and down right ugliness to top it all off. We sat here and tried to navigate the ins and outs of our own internal mental struggles and was completely sacked with a virus that gave absolutely no fucks.

Much like death, this virus doesn't care about your new job, you just started your legacy by having a child, hell, you could've just paid off your student loans. It takes with no regard the memories and moments yet to be created. However rude you think death may be, I find her to be beautifully misunderstood. Death is a reminder of the dash between the dates. Living in a world where it seems that there is never be enough time, when in all actuality, you have the power to create it.

Death is the reminder that as long as it has yet to knock on your door, you have the power to continue to create the greatness that you strive for. Stop creating excuses such as I work to much. Are you working towards happiness and joy? Excuses such as, I don't have enough money for that. Are you stepping outside of your own head to see other options?

If this year has taught you anything, let it be that love is still pure, your stronger than what your eyes can see, and you are still alive. You are still here.

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